The Raphael Martora Round Brush Art Nebula
Of all the round brushes available out there, the Martora series is one of the higher-grade brushes for both beginners and professionals. 
red sable watercolor brush

Raphael Martora Fine Series 8424 Red Sable - Round, Extra Fine Watercolor Brush

This brush is made with red sable fibres (which are next in line to Kolinsky Sable) held to a burgundy wooden handle by a seamless, double-crimped, nickel-plated brass ferrule. The fibres are durable and firmer than other natural hair but still softer than synthetic hair. Paint load by the red sable hair is better compared to lower-grade round brushes. It offers great control and fluidity.
Watch below to see a demonstration of what a Martora round brush could add to your own works!
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