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Held at our space in BF Homes, Parañaque, these 1-hour capsule classes every Saturday morning are intended to introduce students (at least 10yo) to basic watercolor painting and/or drawing. The classes include materials that students can take home. Maximum of 3 students per class.

For more details and registration, please visit this page.

Note: BF Homes too far? Art+Food trip sounds good! Maximize your visit to the "south" by checking out the neighborhood's restaurants as well. We also hold FULL 4-hour classes in the afternoon if you're interested (classes to be posted soon).

Give that artist in you a bit more confidence! Join our free-flow workshop...

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso

This unique, flexible workshop package is offered to help you with any of your art learning needs: from drawing, to learning perspectives, to painting. 

Jen Utleg Consumido of Int’l Watercolor Society Philippines and Cagayano Artists Group, Inc. is holding art workshops in our space here in BF Homes Parañaque.

Drop by and ask Jen for a free demo and initial assessment of your learning needs. Bring your artworks! 

Check out what's happening on our Instagram...

Blog: Product Features

The Raphael Martora Round Brush

The Raphael Martora Round Brush

Of all the round brushes available out there, the Martora series is one of the higher-grade brushes for both beginners and professionals. 

This brush is made with red sable fibres (which are next in line to Kolinsky Sable)...

January 31, 2017 by Alfie Lipa
Raphael Cat's Tongue Brush

The Raphael Cat's Tongue Brush

There are so many types of brushes available today. We have the common flat, round, mop brushes and so on. However, there are those that are oddly shaped or not like most we've seen. If you've find one that looks like a flat brush but with a pointed tip, this is the uniquely made "Cat's Tongue" brush. It is also called "Oval Wash" and...
January 30, 2017 by Alfie Lipa
Watercolor Set Comparisons

Watercolor Set Comparisons

If you are curious about how different watercolor sets different from one another, then you ought to find out by comparing their characteristics. 
January 02, 2017 by Alfie Lipa


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