Raphael Series 916 Flat Brush Art Nebula

We are all familiar with the common round brush. It's a versatile brush that offers endless possibilities for creating great painting. However, sometimes we may find it difficult to do certain things with just a round brush. So, let's talk about flat brushes! 

A flat brush is also called a "wide brush" while a certain type is also called as a "Hake" which has a long wooden handle for very big washes. The simple flat brush however has the standard-length handle and a tuft that is broad and with a rectangular top.

Raphael Series 916 - Lavis Flat Watercolor Brush

The Raphael Lavis Flat brush is a practical tool for both amateurs and professionals. Its quality squirrel hair is kept together by a nickel-plated ferrule with a lacquered wooden handle. The natural hairs of this brush make it perform beautifully, producing solid and reliable washes each time you use it. The best use of a flat brush is for wetting big portions of paper evenly but there are some aspects of this brush that we should also explore more. Watch the video below to discover more!
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