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Ever wonder if water is enough to clean your brush? If you can still revive your paint brushes that were hardened by dried-on acrylic? Don't throw them out just yet! “The Masters”® Brush Cleaner will also restore most hardened brushes to like-new condition!

“The Masters”® Brush Cleaner is the best cleaner for your paintbrushes. It can remove oils, acrylics, watercolors, stains, and varnishes. And it helps prevent paint build-up in the ferrule. It also prevents the hardening and build-up so common with today's acrylic paints.  

“The Masters”® works beautifully on the finest sable and bristle brushes, and it makes painting with nylon and synthetic brushes a snap. It conditions the brush to hold more color and helps lay down a smoother more even flow.  “The Masters”® restores old, stiff brushes to like new condition. no matter how hard the bristles are. Your brushes will be reconditioned and you will have a new old brush. 

These are non-toxic water-soluble cleaning compound that works safely on oils, acrylics, or watercolors. 

How To Use “The Masters”® Brush Cleaner ​:
1. Rinse the paintbrush under warm water, swirl it in the cleaner until a lather forms, then rinse. 

2. Repeat if necessary until the paintbrush is clean. 

To preserve your brushes, leave clear lather on bristles, shape the brush, and allow to dry.

To restore your bristles, clean brush with hot water, and leave lather on bristles for a few minutes. Repeat until brush is clean.

The Masters
Brush Cleaner

₱240 - ₱660

The Masters® Brush Cleaner & Preserver - trusted by artists since 1979. Made with the B&J Original Formula, it Cleans, Conditions, and Restores Paint Brushes in one step.

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