The Raphael Cat's Tongue Brush Art Nebula

There are so many types of brushes available today. We have the common flat, round, mop brushes and so on. However, there are those that are oddly shaped or not like most we've seen. If you've find one that looks like a flat brush but with a pointed tip, this is the uniquely made "Cat's Tongue" brush. It is also called "Oval Wash" and is like a hybrid of the flat and round brush.

Raphael Series 903 - Lavis Pointed Oval Cat's Tongue

This is the Raphael Cat's Tongue. It is made with 100% pure squirrel hair with seamless nickel plated brass ferrule. It's black wooden handle is lightweight. Different sizes are for convenience of application. From fine details using its pointed tip, to broad washes with its whole head or tuft, this brush is one of the most versatile brushes around. Watch below for yourself to see what this fantastic tool has to offer!

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