Raphael Series 803 Lavis Pointed Mop Brush (Pure Kazan) Art Nebula
If you have seen a humongous round brush with wired wrapped around its handle than you are mistaken! That, in fact, is not a round brush. It is a mop brush! It is very similar to a round brush but is significantly thicker at the belly and usually bigger in size.
There are many mop brushes available in the market but the Raphael mop brush with a hundred percent Kazan squirrel hair is one of the best. Why? Not only is its tuft (fibres) very soft but they withstand years and even decades of use, retaining its point. Its water-load capacity is excellent and it guarantees consistent performance throughout years of use. It is very handy for broad washes and big-format painting. For these reasons, it is no wonder that this mop brush is a best-seller of Raphael brushes.

Watch the short video below to see what you can do with this fantastic brush!

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