Schmincke Watercolour AQUA Lift-Off Medium 60ml

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This aid is used for the pre-treatment of water-color paper with the aim of removing (partially) already dried water-color layers and subsequently altering or correcting a watercolor image - a "non-staining" medium. This is particularly important for watercolor paints that are "staining" (ie difficult to redefine, marked with the triangle symbol). The lift-off medium is applied before the application of the paint as it insulates the paint base. The medium is applied undiluted in the case of hand-paper and low-sized papers; the medium should be diluted with water in the case of more strongly sized papers such as Academy papers. Preliminary tests are recommended since papers can vary widely in their composition. The AQUA take-off medium dries up water-insoluble and should not be placed in a watercolour. Work equipment should be cleaned quickly after use.


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