Schmincke Pouring Medium S - 500ml

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Pouring technique – the hottest trend in acrylic painting!

Fluid acrylic-medium for pouring technique, ideal for cell effects with addition of silicone oil. Is mixed with acrylic colours to improve their flow properties. Can also be diluted with water and combined with silicone oil to increase cell formation. Dries waterproof. Light-stable, flexible film. Do not use below 15°C. Substrates must be not too absorbent, clean, sustainable and grease-free. Pre-tests recommended.

Thinner: Water 


  • The product is ready to use, can be used pure or mixed with acrylic colours.
  • Mixing with acrylic paints can be carried out at will and produces different results depending on the amount added and the type of paint. The proportion of medium should be at least the same as that of colour.
  • Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 15 °C object- and room-temperatures.
  • Please clean working tools with water immediately after use.
  • Close immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Individual pre-tests are required (see footer).
  • Leftovers should be disposed professionally.

Characteristics for sole use:

  • fluid consistency
  • good flowing properties
  • glossy
  • in thin layer clear-transparent and waterproof drying
  • surfaces / grounds should be slightly absorbent, clean, stable and grease-free (pre-test recommended)

Characteristics for combined use with acrylic colours:

  • mixable with all Schmincke acrylic colours: PRIMAcryl®, AKADEMIE® Acryl color, AKADEMIE® Acryl color INK, College® Acrylic, AERO COLOR® Professional (for colours from other brands we recommend pre-tests)
  • mixing with colours creates a lacquer-like consistency and flow properties
  • minimizes possible cracking when used in pouring techniques
  • increases gloss (depending on amount, colour and range)
  • surfaces / grounds should be slightly absorbent, clean, stable and grease-free (pre-testing recommended) 

Contains: Polyurethane and acrylate dispersion


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