Schmincke Horadam Artist Big Cardboard Set - 12 Half Pans with brush + accessories (LIMITED EDITION)

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Big Cardboard set in the optics of a pan includes:

Schmincke HORADAM® Artist Watercolour Metal Set - 12 Half Pans

Travel brush # 3 synthetic

small brush soap,

postcard block (10 sheets 10,5 x 14,8 cm),

watercolour sponge,

apron and

coffeeto go mug (BPA free).

This set contains the following colors:

215 Lemon Yellow

217 Quinacridone Gold Hue

341 Cadmium Red Light

353 Geranium Red

371 Perylene Violet

782 Neutral Tint

495 Ultramarin Violer

494 Ultramarine Blue

484 Phthalo Blue

524 May Green

784 Perylene Green

663 Sepia Brown

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