Raphael Series 8796 - Kaerell "S" Orange - Flat Brush

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Raphaël's Golden Kaerell is a long-wearing brush fiber with excellent water-carrying capacity and surprising strength at an economical price. Supremely soft with a fine-tip, this short-handled brush is excellent for watercolor as well as acrylic painting.


Width Hair Length
2 3mm 8mm
4 5.5mm 10mm
6 7.2mm 12mm
8 9.5mm 14mm
10 11mm 15mm
12 13mm 16mm
14 16mm 19mm
16 18mm 20mm
18 20mm 22mm
20 21mm 24mm
22 23mm 25mm
24 29mm 30mm
32 38mm 40mm

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