Etchr Lab Pearlescent Watercolor 12 Color Half Pan Set - Gold

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Hand-picked vegan friendly metallic glitters watercolours in12 color half pan set. The paints have a high transparency and great lightfastness rating. These are the 2 sets to choose from and both comes in a metal box for easy carry.

Golden set colour: Canary, Royal Gold, Pure Gold, Sand, Deep Gold, White Gold, Steel Grey, Olive, Coffee, Sepia, Bronze, Satin Bronze.

    What is Lightfastness?

    Lightfastness is the ability a dye or pigment has to endure light and retain its original colour over time. To sum it up, the better the level, the more resistant the colour is to fading when exposed to sunlight. We conform to the Blue Wool Scale chart, which classifies lightfastness as 1 being very poor, and 8 being excellent. We only have 5 and above.

    What is the biding agent for the colours?

    All our watercolours use Gum Arabic as the binding agent.

    Why watercolour pans?

    We thought it was about time a brand took the guesswork out of paint selection to deliver simply the best student-grade watercolour paints directly to you.

    We spent over a year sourcing watercolours from all over the world. We then put every paint through countless rounds of rigorous testing by our panel of professional watercolourists and instructors.

    Finally, we hand-picked the best paints that would be priced in the ‘student-grade’ category and put together a set that achieves what we set out to do. These paints each exhibit the key characteristics that will help you develop as an artist: a wide variety of palette choices and transparency levels; great lightfastness, easy to mix with water, and pretty great level of pigmentation.

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