Coliro (by Finetec GmbH Germany) M710 - Rainbow 6 Color Set

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Plastic box with 6 Pearlcolors:

• •Gold Pearl, Rose, Red Violet, Deep Purple, Midnight Blue, Moss Green

Handmade in Germany by Finetec GmbH

Finetec GmbH in Germany produces high quality Pearlcolors since 2005. Pearlcolors can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. They are perfect for creating special effects and highlights, they are also ideally suited for calligraphy.
Shimmer-Pearlcolors are difficult to see on white paper – but on dark paper they almost magically appear in the brightest colors. Shimmer-Pearlcolors are also perfect for adding amazing highlights to your paintings.

Our tip: for the perfect color result we recommend putting a few drops of water on the color pan and letting it sit for a few minutes before using the color.

* These colors are also available individually as refill.

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