Art Nebula x Etchr

wandering Sketchbook

Share your story with us through art
with the wandering sketchbook

Wandering Sketchbook

July is watercolor month, and to celebrate, why not share your stories with us with Art Nebula x Etchr’s Wandering Sketchbook!

Every week, Etchr Lab’s the perfect sketchbook will go on different journeys, collecting unique stories from all kinds of people, and we’d like you to take part in it.  

Our idea is that every week, the Wandering Sketchbook will go from one place to another, and every weekend, we'll get together and spend time sharing stories with each other, and pass off the Wandering Sketchbook to the next person. 

For the weekly artambays, along with your stories, kindly bring several ATCs as well, and let's trade Artist Trading Cards with each other. Artist Trading Cards, or ATCs for short, are miniature works of art the size of baseball trading cards (2.5" x 3.5"). They can be created with any wet or dry medium or technique. As the name implies, and adhering to M. Vanci Stirnemann's original intent, they are traded and not sold.  Draw anything that has a story, may it be an object, a person, your favorite location, or your pet. 

 Details to follow soon.