The competition is open to all members of Philippine Pastel Artists Inc., 18 years of age and above as of September 16, 2017. (Scroll down to the FAQ section for membership application.)

Professional and non-professional Filipino artists, residing locally or abroad, are eligible to join the competition.

Representational: realism, impressionism, cubism, and the like (no abstract works)

Open theme: any subject or theme may be explored by the artist

  • Only ONE (1) entry may be submitted by the participant.
  • Entry should be RECENT (2017 work only), unsigned, unpublished, and NOT posted on any social media site.
  • Entry must have the minimum size of 18 x 24 inches and maximum size of 20 x 26 inches. Sizes in-between the minimum & maximum sizes are also accepted.
  • Entry can be rendered in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) format only.
  • Entry must be done in the following media: 
    • Soft Pastel, Pastel Pencil, Chalk Pastel, Pan Pastel, and / or Oil Pastel on appropriate Pastel Paper such as Canson Mi-Teintes, Velour, Fabriano Tiziano, UArt Sanded Pastel Paper, felt paper, and other Paper Grounds for pastel.
  • The use of any kind of board (e.g. illustration board) or any other support / ground, aside from paper, is NOT allowed.
  • Entry must be original. Concepts, compositions, and images from other artists, from published materials, from online sources or from all other reference materials not owned by the participant are NOT considered original and are NOT eligible. IP rules for visual arts will be applied. Plagiarism is NOT allowed and will disqualify the entry.
  • Entry must be originally-rendered in any Pastel Medium and not applied on top of a base photo, print, collage, grounded canvas, or any other special medium.
  • Underpainting using watercolor, ink, or any other media aside from pastel is NOT allowed. Experimental media and the use of soot are NOT allowed.
  • After registration, participants are required to upload photos of their works at: 1st.ppa.competition@gmail.com. Submit one (1) full shot of the entry and four (4) shots of the work in detail, following the specifications below:
    • Files should be JPG/JPEG, in RGB color mode (not CMYK).
    • Required image size is 1920 pixels on the longest side (if horizontal image, 1920 pixels wide; if vertical image, 1920 pixels tall).
    • Files must have a resolution of at least 72dpi and not exceeding 5MB each.
    • Label files accordingly: SURNAME_Name1.jpg (e.g. APELYIDO_Pangalan1.jpg).
    • Global enhancement of the digital files (e.g. contrast, brightness) to visually match the actual work is allowed. Revisions, alterations and/or heavy image manipulation are not allowed.
    • For finalists, PPA reserves the right to ask for the original, unaltered JPG files.
  • Do not physically alter or revise artwork after photographing and submitting electronically. Any alteration/revision, discrepancy or difference between the photograph and the actual artwork will disqualify the entry.
  • Violation of any of these rules will disqualify the entry.
  • The right to enter the competition, receive award, or prize will automatically be forfeited in cases where an entry was proven to have violated any of the rules, but has already inadvertently passed the screening process or was eventually awarded a prize.

  • Finalists will be informed of their status by Email on or before September 25, 2017.
  • All of the finalists’ artworks should send their entry, and entry details (title, name of artists, size in inches, medium)  to the following address on or before October 14, 2017:
PPA Inc 1st National Pastel Competition
CHEERS Corporation
2/F Victoria I Building, 1670 Quezon Avenue
South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines 1103
  • Entry should be unframed, protected by wax or glassine paper, and placed inside a tube container.
  • Finalists should cover delivery expenses for submission of work.
  • Finalists’ entries will be included in the 2nd Philippine Pastel Convention & Exhibition in October 21, 2017 at the GSIS Museo ng Sining.
  • All NCR-based Finalists must retrieve their works within November 21-30.
  • Finalists’ entries from the provinces will be returned by PPA to the artists by courier service. PPA will shoulder courier expenses for return of works.
  • Official announcement of winners will be held at the 2nd Philippine Pastel Convention & Exhibition on October 21, 2017.
  • Entries of major prize winners will become the property of PPA Inc.

  • Visual Impact: 25 %
Shows unique organization of art elements, content, & execution to create a striking and memorable work. It has the power to “wow” the viewer.
  • Style/Technique: 25%
Demonstrates deep understanding and effective control and mastery of the media, and rendering style.
  • Composition: 25% 
Effectively utilizes knowledge of the elements and principles of design, to effectively utilize the entire space and communicate a visual idea.
  • Originality/Uniqueness: 25 %
Displays unusual, innovative, and novel ideas that effectively delivers the visual theme or message.


    There will be 3 major prizes (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place) and 5 consolation prizes. Prizes are as follows:

    1st PLACE
    Sennelier 120 Half Pastel Paris Collection
    Sennelier Oil Pastel Set – 48 Assorted
    Sennelier White Acrylic Surface Primer for Pastels 500ml Artists Pastel Medium
    Sennelier Pastel Card 50x65 cm different colors
    Sheets of Pastel Paper
    Php 20,000.00

    2nd PLACE
    Sennelier Artists  Extra Soft Half-Stick Pastels Assorted (80 colors)
    Sennelier Oil Pastel Set – 48 Assorted
    Sennelier Pastel Card 50x65 cm different colors
    Sheets of Pastel Paper
    Php 15,000.00

    3rd PLACE
    Sennelier Half-Stick Pastels Assorted (40 colors)
    Sennelier Oil Pastel Set – 48 Assorted
    Sennelier Pastel Card 50x65 cm different colors
    Sheets of Pastel Paper
    Php 10,000.00

    Sennelier products
    Sheets of Pastel Paper


    We would like to thank Art Nebula and GSIS Museo ng Sining for their generous support and donation/s to the 1st National Pastel Competition.


    Do I need to pay anything to join the competition?
    No. This is one of the privileges of being a member of PPA Inc.
    Can I join if I am not a member of PPA Inc.?
    No. This is only open to PPA Inc members. Visit the membership link. For other details, please message the group's officers on their Facebook page: PPA.
    Can I join even if I am not a professional artist/ I have just tried using pastel?
    Yes, as long as you are a Filipino citizen, 18 years of age and above. 
    If I am a finalist, can I just send my work and not attend announcement of winners at the 2nd Philippine Pastel Convention on October 21, 2017?
    Yes. However, delivery expenses for submission of works are shouldered by the finalist.
    Can I use soot, and other special media that looks like pastel/ with a pastel finish?
    No. Only pastel media are allowed. Using such media will disqualify you from the competition.
    Is the use of fixative, to protect the work, allowed?
    There is no restriction on using fixative.