Painting Fireworks Art Nebula
Everytime we celebrate the new year, we gather with our friends and family.
We celebrate and spend new year's eve together. It is a time of merriment, new beginnings, and cultural practices for good luck such as lighting firecrackers and making noise to drive bad spirits away, putting coins in pockets, jumping to be taller, and the most popular tradition is watching or launching fireworks displays. Oh how the different fireworks fascinate us with its bright lights, different shapes and formations and the joyful feeling we get when watching them. As all good things come to a pass, the twinkling lights are too short and fizzle down. 
Let's have a great start to a new year and learn something new by studying how to depict this awesome display of lights and color with watercolor.
The items that you will need are:

Other items you will need:

A small, cheap round brush
bucket of mixing water
tissue or paper towel
Salt (optional)


Watch the video below to see how to paint vivid explosions of color:


  • Make sure your small, cheap brush is coated with liquid soap to protect its bristles from the masking fluid and for easy clean-up.
  • Using watercolor paper blocks lets you skip the need to stretch paper to avoid your paper from buckling or warping and having uneven washes.
  • The colors used in this painting are: Bright Red, Vermilion, Lemon Yellow, Phtalo. Green Light, Cinereous Blue, Dioxazine Purple, and Ivory Black from the 24-color Sennelier Artist Set.
  • Practice long and short strokes. Thinner lines are more realistic.
  • Don't forget to paint quickly to blend color washes seamlessly without developing hard edges. 
If you are not familiar with the techniques that we used in the video above, then go to this article and watch our demonstration of different basic watercolor techniques:

Basic Watercolor Painting 


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