Basic Watercolor Painting (Part 2) Art Nebula

More Techniques in Watercolor Painting

There are many tools and accessories that an artist can add to his/her arsenal to achieve a diverse number of effects. These effects are perfect for painting abstract art and abstraction.

Let's Create Abstract Art!

"Abstract Art" is an artistic movement which completely veers away from reality and the depiction of figures and actual objects. It has its own aesthetic beauty in geometric forms and in expressiveness. Lines, shapes, and colors are all used to develop artworks that are only concerned with art-making or are "Art For Art's Sake."

Creating abstract art is a great way to practice different techniques in painting. 
Here is how you can use different items in watercolor painting to make incredible effects.


Items used in the video:



If you haven't seen Part 1 where we discussed the very basic techniques for watercolor painting, head on over to this article:  Basic Watercolor Painting (Part 1)


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