Sennelier Etude Art Student Oil Colour Wooden Set - 12 34-ml Tubes

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Sennelier Etude Art Student Oil Colour Wooden Set - 12 34-ml Tubes is on pre-order. Stock availability will be provided through email. NOTE: If you're willing to wait, you may combine this pre-order with other available items. If not, please place a separate order.

Note: This product is now discontinued.

The vibrant and intense colours of this range feature excellent stability in colour mixing and lightfastness. The buttery texture allows smooth brushwork in thick applications or glazing. A comprehensive 36 colour range features a traditional palette of established colours, perfect for artists of any ability. Three accurate primaries are optimized for colour mixing, enabling the artist to create a vast palette of colours.

Etude's very affordable price allows students and beginners to experience the renowned Sennelier quality that has made it the standard for over a century.For professional artists, the large 200ml. tubes are the perfect combination of price and quality, especially when working in large format or thick application.

* For the Extra Fine Oil Colour artist grade, send us an email at


- Include Sennelier Charcoals and 2x brushes

- The Clarified Turpentine is removed from the box since it is highly flammable. We'll replace it with Sennelier green for oil products.




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