Schmincke Akademie Watercolour Metal Set 12 half pans + Da Vinci brush #18 on a tin case (Limited)

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Limited Edition Schmincke Akademie 12 Half Pan with Da Vinci Brush #18

The 12 colours of the AKADEMIE® Aquarell, fine artists' watercolours are a complete basic assortment for beginners. 15 single-pigment-tones as well as a high pigment concentration guarantee highest brilliance. The paint flow is always under control and the paint is fully reusable when dried on a palette. No cadmium pigments.

12 Half Pans Colors 

222 Light  Lemon Yellow

225 Indian Yellow

332 Cadmium Red Hue

333 Carmine

443 Ultramarine

445 Prussian Blue

551 Brilliant Green

553 Permanent Green

660 Yellow Ochre

665 Sepia

666 English Red

782 Black

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