Schmincke Akademie Watercolour Macaron Limited Metal Set - 6 half pans

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The 6 limited special colours of the Macarons AKADEMIE® Aquarell, are colouristically inspired by the famous French specialities and pickup on the pastel-like character of these sweets. All colors are lightened with titanium white, have an opaque character and are lightfast (3 or 4 stars). These special shades cannot be mixed within the AKADEMIE range and serve as colouristic complements. They can be used to create light, pastel-like designs in watercolour. Due to their opaque character, they are also excellently suited for tinted, even dark watercolour papers and cardboard. All colours can be mixed and combined with all AKADEMIE and HORADAM watercolour paints. 

This set include 6 Half Pans Colors:

901 Vanilla

902 Cherry

903 Lavender

904 Blueberry

905 Pistachio

906 Capuccino



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