Schmincke Akademie - 18 Half Pan Standard and Pearl Metallics (Special Edition)

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Schmincke Akademie Metal Case  - 18 Half Pan

The 18 colours of the AKADEMIE® Aquarell, fine artists' watercolours are a complete basic assortment for beginners. With 9 standard colours with high pigment concentration and 9 pearl metallics would guarantee highest brilliance. The paint flow is always under control and the paint is fully reusable when dried on a palette. 

This set include 18 Half Pans Colors:


101 Titanium Opaque White

224 Cadmium Yellow Light

341 Geranium Red

352 Magenta

493 French Ultramarine

479 Helio Cerulean

524 May Green

217 Quinacridone Gold Hue

780 Ivory Black

Pearl Metallics

891 White Gold

825 Yellow Pearl

832 Red Pearl

838 Magenta Pearl

842 Blue Pearl

848 Cyan Blue Pearl

852 Green Pearl Bluish

860 Ochre Pearl

875 Black Pearl




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