Raphael Acrylic Sepia Brush Studio Set

₱ 2,010.00 PHP


ACRYLIC STUDIO SETS > Set of 3 acrylic brushes 

Raphael 874 Sepia Flat size 4

Raphael 864 Sepia Round brush size 2

Raphael 8740 Sepia Bright Series Flat Brush size 16

Raphaël Sepia brushes feature interlocked polyester fibers, a long handle and a stainless steel ferrule. The arched shape and responsiveness of these fibers ensures an excellent response on the canvas and a more precise brushstroke when adding material, while at the same time respecting the gesture of acrylics. When using these brushes to establish painting backgrounds or to apply varnishes, immediately you will notice a professional feel and superior results to that of other acrylic brushes.

These brushes have interlocked fibres which point and mark precisely. They are more suited for softer and less sticky acrylic paintings.



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