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Jacquard Neopaque Textile Acrylic 2.25 fl oz. (67 ml)

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This paint remains flexible and soft. They are opaque and bright, even on dark backgounds and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage. Neopaque has a similar consistency as Lumiere. They are designed primarily to cover dark backgrounds with a light application and they are not metallic. When used on light or white fabric the colors produce a subtle "designer pallet" alternative, a more intense color scheme. Both Neopaque and Lumiere can be screened, painted, stenciled, marbled, stamped or brushed on with a soft brush. Use on natural and synthetic fibers, leather, wood and paper. Fix on fabric with dry iron or heat. Washable drycleanable. 2.25 oz.

Jacquard Neopaque is easy to use. Right from the start you can create fun and exciting projects that will impress your friends and satisfy your creative urges. And as your experience grows so will your repertoire of techniques. They also mix beautifully with Lumiere, Dye-Na-Flow, and Textile Colors.

Here are the basics to get you started:

Application: Jacquard Neopaque can be applied with brushes, stamp pads, squirt bottles, and airbrush. For airbrushing thin with water up to 25%.

Fixing: After drying, Jacquard Neopaque must be set with heat. There are several ways to do it:

Ironing: This is the best method. Use a dry iron and iron on the reverse side on the appropriate setting for the fabric.

Dryer: Have the dryer on as hot a temperature as the fabric will take for about 35 to 45 minutes.

Cleanup: Promptly clean all tools with warm water.



Mixing Colors: Jacquard Neopaque comes in 13 and you can easily mix them to make any color you desire.

Creating Pastels: You can mix Neopaque White (JAC589) into any other Neopaque color to create pastels. Try mixing in a little at first and then adding more if you want to increase the effect.

Increasing Transparency: You can increase the transparency of any color by adding Flowable Extender (JAC579) to it. The more you add the more transparent the color will be.

Increasing Transparency & Flowability: You can increase both transparency and flowability by adding up to 25% water. This will give you more of a watercolor effect.




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