The Artist's Guide To Painting Water In Watercolor: 30+ Techniques

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How to Paint Water!

The secret to convincingly painting water is understanding why water appears as it does--it's all about the reflections! In this comprehensive book showcasing water in all its natural states, you'll learn how wind affects water as it goes from a dead calm to gale force winds. As you learn to use the reflections in the water to identify the perspective of the objects, you'll be able to move away from reference images and paint the water scenes you see in your imagination.

With the expert instruction of renowned watercolor artist Ron Hazell, you'll find success as you paint water in every imaginable condition. From glittering lakes to calm harbor shores to foamy surf and turbulent waterfalls and rainy city streets to snow covered lawns and frozen ponds, you'll find the inspiration and techniques to guide you on a water-filled watercolor journey.

  • 11 step-by-step demonstrations for painting puddles, streams, rivers, raging oceans, snow and more.
  • 8 bonus demonstration videos to help you achieve realistic water paintings.
  • More than 30 techniques for creating accurate shadow and light, reflections of objects and wave types.

About the Author:

Ron Hazell is an accomplished artist in the mediums of oil and watercolor an dis known for his light-filled marine paintings featuring coastal communities. His work has been featured in American Artist WATERCOLOR Magazine and was juried into Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists (Kennedy Publishing, 2011).

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