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Rewards Program

To express how we value our customers, Art Nebula has implemented its own exclusive Rewards Program!

To get a quick overview of how to earn and spend rewards points, you may click on the button on the right side of the page if you're using the Desktop view or the bottom of the page if you're using your mobile phone.

For details, continue reading below:

How are Reward points earned?

Points are earned in several ways:

1. Creating a store account +200

2. Liking us on Facebook +100

3. Referring a friend +300

4. Celebrating your birthday +200

5. Following us on Instagram +100

6. Making a purchase +1 point for every PhP 1 spent*

*Note that the Shipping Cost and Taxes (12%) do not earn points. Bulk Orders, which are already provided discounts, do not earn points. Other orders that already enjoyed discounts (such as promotions, etc.) are not eligible for earning points. 

How do I redeem my Reward points?

Log-in to your account. Click the Get Rewarded button on the right side of the page. Click on Reward and select from the options available:

1. PhP 25 off coupon requires 1,000 points

2. PhP 60 off coupon requires 2,000 points

3. FREE SHIPPING requires 4,000 points (applies to Philippine deliveries only; Art Nebula has the discretion to choose which courier to use)

4. PhP 175 off coupon requires 5,000 points

5. 5% off coupon requires 5,000 points

6. PhP 280 off coupon requires 7,500 points

Can I use a coupon on the same day it was earned?

No, we do not allow this. You may use a redeemed coupon 3 days after it was earned or as soon as after the order where it was earned has been completely fulfilled.

A certain order where a coupon was used cannot be combined and shipped together with other pending orders.


Thank you and hope to see you get rewarded!



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